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Washington State Low Cost Dental Care

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Mhartvan   in reply to InPain98266
Go to mexico. Seriously, they have fantastic dentist and charge about 1/10 of what US dentists charge. It is criminal how must they charge in this country. Or Thailand. I went to Mex had all my work done and a great vacation and still saved $1,500.00. Dr. Carlos Vela Ledsman in Sayulita or Puerta vallarta is a great dentist.
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D.H.   in reply to CWT
Not true. Called them today and they are more expensive then Affordable Dental Care. I have no affiliation with either dental firm. Just someone trying to get 5 teeth pulled (4 general, 1 surgical) Upper teeth 6-10 for under $750.00. All help with this would be appreciated. D. H
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Hurt boy
I live in yakima wa I need so badly to get my teeth fix an in pain so inbarees of my teeth they r falling apart broken I did see 1doctor he look confuse an didn't know how to begin to work on me so I need help a s p
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madmaggie   in reply to mamasgirlxo
Thank you Lynn, I will try this!
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madmaggie   in reply to mamasgirlxo
Thanks Lynn, I will try that, I appreciate it!
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rgt   in reply to rgt
Sea Mar in Vancouver must be run by illegals. Wouldn't help me with an emergency, Have medicare but any latino got right in.
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rgt   in reply to madmaggie
Have seen many illegals get free dental care at sea-mar. As a disabled ctizen on medicade they want upfront cash to even see me.
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rgt   in reply to R.E.
Act like you don't speak English and are illegal. You will be helped right away.
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mamasgirlxo   in reply to madmaggie
Dont know where you live but try Dental Health Services
1-800-248-8108. You get a membership right away. I needed over 11,000 dollars in teeth work this dental insurance cut it more then in half! Good luck
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I see that I am not the only one seeking a dentist that will help someone with a disability and is on Medicaid. SeaMar turned my husband down due to his disability. Not sure where to turn. Will call SWAAD again here in Clark County for another idea. I know he is not the only man who has had a stroke and suffers from seizures who needs dental care! I must be missing something!
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Fembot25   in reply to TheJei
Agreed :)
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Fembot25   in reply to R.E.
I know this sounds silly but it works. When I was pregnant the dentist would not touch me and I had a tooth infection. They didn't want to harm the baby so Ob/gyn told me warm saline. I didn't think it would work. Until you find a dentist please please give this a try. What can it hurt right? The saline (warm water and salt) can clear an infection if it hasn't gone too far so give it a try. I have horrible teeth so I know about tooth pain. Until you find a dentist or win the lottery please give it a go. Good luck I hope you feel better.
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inneedhelp   in reply to MAMAINDIANA
Hello, I saw your posting. I'm a 32 yr old disabled mother of 4 kids. My disabilities stemmed from being hit by a drunk driver. I lost my mother in this wreck as well as life long issues to now live with. I need severe recunstructive dental care again due from wreck. Can u maybe point me in the direction of were u found help and or care for your son. God bless & thank u for your time.
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I live in Whatcom County, Washington, and I'm on a fixed disability income. Although I can barely pay my bills, sometimes not, DSHS claims I get too much to get medicaid. As such, I can NOT afford Dental Insurance, but I have dental problems that this weekend led to an absess tooth. I can't seem to locate anyone who will pull it for me without wanting cash up front for x-rays to figure out which obvious tooth needs pulled, and the cost of pulling it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have already tried Seamar, who won't do it unless I have $300 up front, and interfaith tells me they only help under 18.
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My upper right tooth started hurting yesterday. It hurts when I brush, when I eat, and even when I drink water! I'm an uninsured 25 year old female with only a part-time job and no savings living in the Vancouver, Washington area. I'm unsure what to do or where to go. This pain has GOT TO GO! Any suggestions?
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The lowest fees in Washington state are at the new Comfort Dental offices in Tacoma. Check it out. 253 752-6349

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Is there any dental help in Benton county? I'm a mom of 5 children. I'm only 30-years-old but already have problems with probably every tooth in my mouth. One tooth hurts 24/7 and I've already drank a whole bottle of pain drugs. I have a medical coupon which does not cover anything. Can anybody help somehow?
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Cascade Wild Rose
That's nice, seems Spokane county does not have any thing for low income, people in need of urgent dental care or any dental care. Everyone wants a fee and all their fee's are beyond my means. My tooth filling is out for the 4th time was told need dentures. Right cost $3700 and that is supposed to be low income cost. I get $949 a month and $545 goes to mortgage. So where do I get that money and NO they don't take payments they want it all up front. I asked. CHAS clinic. Even SCC charges and they won't pull teeth this has to be pulled. It is sore and deep and they filled it 4 times. No more filling. GOT seven other bad teeth and only 14 teeth total left. I don't know what to do. Might have to plain drink some whiskey get drunk and pull it myself. That is what they did in the old days.
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 in response to Rickinator...   all caps = urgency and importance. No pronunciation police here please.
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I have a woman whom I believe is about 36 years old. She has been through the wringer in life and has epilepsy. She needs front teeth for sure which I feel will give her confidence, and help her find a job.
After that I can get her hair done etc. Just a little help will allow this woman to have A life, not the greatest but at least A life. Please reply if you can help her. I will watch.
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